Energy & Connectivity

Facing the growing importance of electrification issues for combustion, hybrid and full electric vehicles, technology providers within Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes offer high-value collaborative innovations. Learn about outstanding projects covering electric and electronic modules, onboard energy management, connectivity, link between electric vehicles and charging stations or smart grids.

  • Flexible, intelligent, and secure commercial electric vehicles designed for competitive TCO
  • Ultra fast HEV charging solution
  • Accurate and cost effective on tank valve for Hydrogen Storage
  • Warm extrusion and grinding process for engine gears
  • Stackable cars
  • Thermo-management for EV and HEV Engines
  • Innovative lighting design for car interior
  • Innovative car interior air purifier destroy COVs, bacterizes and formaldehydes
  • Innovative charging station for electric buses and vehicles
  • Ionic-liquid-based supercapacitors
  • Innovative thermal management system for powertrain
  • Smartphone app to reduce pollutant emissions through a better driving
  • Strategies to extend the lifespan of automotive batteries through battery modeling and system simulation
  • Innovative electric powertrain solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Cost Optimization of a lightweight electric vehicle
  • EV and HEV Innovative Wireless Charging System using mass production and optimize cost existing components from domestic industry
  • Smart quick connectors : Integration of electronic sensing solutions into automotive quick connectors
  • Safety valves for pressurized Hydrogen tank : Thermal & pressure relief valves and shock valves
  • Digital modelling for EV optimization
  • Composite bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells
  • Innovative Capacitive Wireless Power Track for E-mobility
  • EMI shielding expandable sleeving
  • Electrical power connection dedicated for the EV
  • Compact and high performance permanent magnet electric machines for hybrid cars
  • Driver assistance with camera monitor system
  • Electronically Dimmable Windows
  • Scalable fuel cell system range for efficient zero emission trucks and busses
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