Sustainable Connected Mobility

AUTOMOTIVE TECHDAYS_SITE INTERNET-09The number and the type of personal or public vehicles is constantly increasing worldwide, in cities that are becoming more and more smart and connected as their inhabitants.
To address the fundamental challenge of being sustainable, mobility will have to involve digitalization and connectivity, in an integrated approach, based on Intelligent Transportation Systems and Multimodal Management.
The component and systems suppliers have to promote the integration of their product offer in the value chain (drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, repair or maintenance operators, sellers, etc.) as well as in the full range of mobility connected devices (cars, cycles, tools, roads, etc.), based on digitalization and open data. This will allow to give a better understanding of mobility, anticipating failures or troubles in a preventive or predictive way and to participate actively to that efficient and sustainable mobility system.
These Automotive Techdays in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes will introduce some outstanding projects covering digital and connected devices or products, and sustainable mobility solutions.

  • Modular and Open Automotive Computing Platform
    Project leader : CEA

  • In-Mold Electronics for automotive dashboard application
    Project leader : CEA

  • TEP2020 Connected diagnostic tool and associated service platform
    Project leader : EXXOTEST

  • REAL-e : a smart embedded analyzer for the exhaust gas emission assessment
    Project leader : IFPEN

  • Connected greasing solution for maintenance follow-up and optimization
    Project leader : NTN – SNR

    Project leader : KLEUSTER