Structure & Materials

AUTOMOTIVE TECHDAYS_SITE INTERNET-08Within these challenging times for the OEM to meet the pollution emissions regulations, energy consumption reduction, through improved Structure and Material, is a crucial stake. On top of that, every OEM is today launching an EV platform, on which lightweight Structures and Material are also very important to reduce weight and improve EV mileage. Therefore, the Automotive Tech Days by French Region AURA, are bringing awesome innovative & collaborative solutions on the market for : Structure : including but not limited to multi-sized products Materials : Light weight multi-material usage is another key strategy that AURA supply base is continuing to invest and promote

Finally, industry Sustainability has and will become stronger through these Innovative Structure and Material Solutions. Conception and design
  • Bomatec Snakeline technology improve e-motors performances by reducing rotor losses Project leader : BOMATEC
  • Axially compact wheel bearings to answer the new challenges of electrification Project leader : NTN – SNR
  • SH2APED – Storage of H2: Alternative Pressure Enclosure Development Project leader : OP
  • E-Silence Project: low-noise design of Electric machines Projects leaders : VIBRATECALTAIR
Multi-material and multifunctional solution
  • Automated and spot treatments for reliable adhesive bonding on aluminum and glass Project leader : ARAYMOND
  • Eco friendly strut bearing by using recycled materials Project leader : NTN – SNR
  • Electrical function integrationon automotive stamped steelsheet metal parts Project leader : SEGULA
  • Bi-material brake disk: COBADISK™ Project leader : SAINT JEAN INDUSTRIES