Reducing energy consumption while guaranteeing security is a major challenge. In this context, new materials and design offer significant potential to reduce the number of parts and vehicle weight. Gain leverage from synergies with experts on these topics and discover a very high-standard & competitive offer for lightweight solutions.

  • Technologies to simulate thermoforming and optimize composites for crash applications
  • Intra-mold assembly integrated to the Quilted Stratum Process (QSP)
  • Complete redesign of a front BIW structural part by using overmoulding thermoplastic technology
  • Characterization of surface aspect (Class A) with RTM process, textile construction and thermal ageing effect for automotive painted parts
  • Innovative manufacturing process and materials for large-sized coachwork parts
  • Lightweight and high-performance automotive plastic battery system
  • Innovative solutions for composite materials and multi-materials fastening process
  • Rigidification of aluminium parts with carbon/epoxy composites
  • Designing process to mould composite materials made of recycled carbon fibers
  • Optical fibers lighting
  • Bi-material brake disc with aluminium hub, and new high mechanical properties aluminium alloy
  • Structural module in thermoplastic composite for Truck
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