Lightweighting & Structure

Reducing energy consumption while guaranteeing security is a major challenge. In this context, new materials and design offer significant potential to reduce the number of parts and vehicle weight. Gain leverage from synergies with experts on these topics and discover a very high-standard & competitive offer for lightweight solutions.

  • Modular laser-based additive manufacturing platform for large scale industrial application
  • InMoulding TEChnology High mechanical Resistance fasterner for composite materials
  • The fastening solution for multi-material assemblies with industrial carry-over
  • Sub frame weight reduction
  • Benefits of DLC coated sliding finger followers versus roller followers
  • Tailor made acoustic package for machinery noise reduction
  • How to add vibration control functions under light weight constraints?
  • Advanced Transfer Path Analysis (ATPA solution)
  • Innovative Hybrid Steel/Composite car rear end structure
  • Efficient production of lightweight A-class panels, in thermoplastic-based composites
  • Weight saving and stiffness improvement on aluminum knuckle
  • Laser marking on new materials + 3D measurement combined with OCR
  • Optimization of acoustic treatment of powertrains regarding pass-by noise